Free Webinar Series: Activating Inclusion

In collaboration with the fantastic webinar host School of Becoming and its founder Ingo Rauth, we’re proud to invite you to this free webinar about Emancipatory Leadership with Professor Nouman Ashraf.

This webinar is part of the webinar series ACTIVATING INCLUSION (please see the entire program below).

Jennifer Brown: Our Role in Creating Inclusive Workplaces in Uncertain Times

Human potential is unleashed when we feel like we belong. That’s why inclusive workplaces experience higher engagement, performance, and results. But the reality is that many people still feel unable to bring their true selves to work. They are spending valuable energy every day minimizing or managing aspects of their own diversity – of identity, background, experience – in order to succeed. This takes a particular toll on diverse talent – women, people of color, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities – at a time when organizations are struggling to recruit, retain, and develop those same individuals. But all of us, and the business, pay the price.

We now find ourselves living through a time of great uncertainty and change while navigating multiple concurrent crises.

As we navigate our new reality, we have an unprecedented opportunity to come together around our shared experiences, and to work together as allies, advocates, and accomplices, to build the future of work and create cultures of inclusion where everyone can thrive.

Drawing on years of work with many leading organizations, Jennifer Brown, workplace Diversity and Inclusion expert, and author of Inclusion and How to Be an Inclusive Leader shows what leaders at any level can do to spark real change.

Event Details

October 5th at 9 AM SAN FRANCISCO / 12 PM NEW YORK / 17:00 LONDON / 18:00 BERLIN/COPENHAGEN 


About Jennifer Brown

  • Founder and CEO at Jennifer Brown Consulting
  • Author of
    • Inclusion (2016) 
    • How To Be An Inclusive Leader (2019)

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, and diversity and inclusion expert.

She is the Founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC), a strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm that coaches business leaders worldwide on critical issues of talent and workplace strategy.

Brown is a passionate advocate for social equality who helps businesses foster healthier, more productive workplace cultures. Her book Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change (2016) inspire leadership to embrace the opportunity that diversity represents and empower advocates to drive change that resonates in today’s world.

Jennifer’s second book, How to Be an Inclusive Leader, is a shortlist O.W.L. Award and Nautilus Book Award winner in Business categories.

It provides a step-by-step guide for the personal and emotional journey we must undertake to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.



Thank you to Jennifer Brown and the School of Becoming for making this knowledge-sharing opportunity possible.

We look forward to seeing you at this webinar.

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Webinar Program: Activating Inclusion

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