Guidelines for Publishing in ManageMagazine:

Publishing in ManageMagazine is about making your expertise widely known to a large audience, who will benefit from the value you share with them. This way we will make your knowledge have an impact on lives, organizations, and societies around the globe.

ManageMagazine makes it possible to share expert knowledge with our community of interested readers from different industries, sectors, and professions, who share an interest in outstanding management and leadership in the context of organizations. Together, – you/experts, readers, and Team ManageMagazine – we work to create healthy inspiring workplaces full of happy people, who get to live out their full potential and the greatest expression of themselves.

Our community connects researchers, PhDs, students and people of organizations spanning from business owners, leaders, executives, project leaders, team leaders, managers to entrepreneurs and members at any level in organizations.

By publishing in ManageMagazine you will reach a large audience, as we will promote your work globally across social media and other platforms. We have the opportunity of sharing your content with our Co’Creative Partner,  BIZCATALYST360, giving you the opportunity to reach an even broader audience.

All authors receive a one-year free membership of ManageMagazine

Sharing, giving and receiving are what ‘community’ is all about. Therefore we are happy to give you a one-year free membership to ManageMagazine for your contribution. The free membership to the ManageMagazine community gives you access to all the content shared on our site as well as access to register for awards, webinars, and conferences etc. and sign up for a free peer-coaching session with the Henry Mintzberg Group.


ManageMagazine welcomes your expertise presented in an interesting manner and in a way so that readers outside your own profession can understand its value. We encourage contributions in a variety of formats, including articles, infographics, slide shares, podcasts or video.

We are inviting contributions that facilitate our understanding of a given phenomenon and provide tips, tools, steps and solutions etc. about how to implement this knowledge. Submissions may focus on problems or barriers that arise in organizations and provide explicit solutions to overcome these. They might provide specific steps or guidelines on, for instance, how to implement a strategy that is argued to be useful for leaders, teams, departments, and organizations or others. Articles may focus on what to do, or they can focus on what not to do.

Although we encourage submissions that provide specific recommendations for practitioners, we are very much aware that some studies or experiences offer knowledge of a more general character; knowledge, which we are excited to present to our readers.

We recommend that you clearly identify a key takeaway for your audience; for example: “How can leaders increase employee engagement through motivational speeches”.

Your contribution should leave the reader feeling fortunate to have received new knowledge and with confidence that they know how to apply this knowledge in their organizational setting. We hope to feel the energy in your writing style and are happy to hear your memorable anecdotes, case studies, vivid examples or stories that will help to further illustrate your expertise and point of view.

Once we receive your submission, we will write you a quick e-mail to let you know that we have received it. Editor Margot Gordon will then go through your submission and come back to you with edits and feedback in general. We are of course happy to help both native and non-native English speakers with grammar and more. We are here to help you create a valuable contribution.

Please note that all submissions must in format (not content) be original and exclusive to ManageMagazine. Submissions that have been published elsewhere in a very similar format will not be considered.


Knowing that most online readers do not read long articles to the end, we recommend that articles be 1,500-2,500 words (3-5 pages). If you can make a lasting impression on one page, then please send that one great page to us. We will, moreover, accept a few longer articles for a ‘Long Read’ section. If you find 2-5 pages insufficient for presenting your findings or expertise, you may choose to submit an article series by dividing your article into two or more related article postings.

Please provide a title and subtitles. We will work with you to refine these titles to achieve optimal search engine results (SEO) with Google and other search engines as well as social media platforms. This will ensure that your contribution reaches the broadest possible audience.


Infographics are extremely popular and thereto easily and often shared on social media. Infographics may stand alone or be included as part of an article or slide share etc. The idea is: A picture tells a thousand words.

Slide Shares

Slide shares may stand alone or be embedded in an article. Slide shares are a great way to enliven your text with visuals. An article with a compelling slide share may require very little text: A gripping opening, an explanation of the challenge at hand and how to fix it, and an introduction to the slides – this may be all that is necessary.

Videos & Podcasts

A video is an excellent format for conveying expertise and engaging your audience. Moreover, podcasts are also becoming increasingly popular for obtaining knowledge while ‘on the go’. Please ensure submissions have good visual and great sound quality.


Relevant links are encouraged. Affiliate links are not permitted.


Cite references at the bottom of your article, including references to your own research. Try to avoid the use of references as in academic articles where we tend to use many references. You are the expert and stating, for example, that innovation is important does not call for a reference.

If you refer to someone else’s specific research then write, “McClougley states…” and put the text of McClougley in the reference list underneath your text. If there is more than one McClougley text, you may put the year of publication in brackets; e.g.,“McClougley (2000) has pointed out…”.

References should be listed in alphabetical order. Where an author is referenced for more than one work, the most recent published work should appear first. Please use the following format when citing references:

McClougley, Cherry (2015). Crazy for Organizations. Journal of Strategy, vol. 4, no. 3, 43-82.

McClougley, Cherry (2008). Based on Experience. London: University Press.

Submitting your contributions

Send your contributions to [email protected]. Be sure to include the title of your submission in the subject line. You are welcome to make multiple submissions over time. Several publications by you will allow our readers to connect with you as an author.

Please include an author picture and a short bio with your work affiliation and areas of expertise.

If you have further questions about publishing in ManageMagazine you are welcome to contact me, Dr. Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard at email [email protected].

We are excited to publish, share, and let your contribution make an impact on professional careers, organizations, and society.

The ManageMagazine Team and the Advisory Board would like to thank you for making a knowledge contribution to the ManageMagazine community, working to connect research and practice to create healthy organizations, great workplaces, and inspiring environments.