FREE WEBINAR with Professor Erlend Dehlin about Improvisation in Leadership

In collaboration with School of Becoming and its founder Ingo Rauth, we’re proud to feature Professor Erlend Dehlin in our webinar series about MOTIVATION.

Event Details: Improvisation and motivation with Professor Erlend Dehlin

Strategy and the executions have been hallmarks of leadership education. Yet every leader knows – or at least has just been reminded – that uncertainty is a constant. While many see uncertainty as a demotivating inconvenience, leaders can develop the ability to see it as an opportunity to improvise.

How to Cultivate Improvisation with Motivation to Follow?

In this session, participants will learn how cultivating improvisation in leadership will not only lead to resilience and innovation but can lead to a mindset that makes one feel motivated when facing uncertainty.

The webinar is made in collaboration with School of Becoming and hosted by Ingo Rauth and Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard.

Join our free LIVE ZOOM CLASS with Professor Erlend Dehlin from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Tuesday, July 28th – 9 AM San Francisco / 12 PM New York / 17:00 LONDON / 18:00 Berlin 


About Erlend Dehlin

Erlend Dehlin is a Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has publications within organization and management theory, knowledge work, educational leadership, innovation, and project management.

In both his consultancy and research practice, Erlend Dehlin works from the grounds of practice theory, and his current research is concerned with co-determination, improvisation, entrepreneurship, and aesthetics in leadership.

What is Autonomy in the Workplace? 3 Common Myths about Worker Autonomy
Photographer Kriss Stemland

Erlend Dehlin is an extremely popular author among ManageMagazine readers. Thousands of people have read his article:

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Just recently we published another enormously insightful article by Professor Dehlin

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You’ll surely enjoy these articles as much as thousands of other people already have. They give you insightful details and understanding about how to keep organizational members motivated, engaged, and creative. These are not easy tasks, yet with the right knowledge, understanding, and mindset you are on the right path – and these articles are here to help you with tips, tools, and guidelines.




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