Expanding Global Thought Leadership Through Co-Creative Partnership

Today, ManageMagazine announces a strategic Co-Creative Partnership with School of Becoming. This co-creative partnerhsip brings our organizations closer to making a tremendous real-life positive impact for thousands of people searching for actionable knowledge to improve their personal and professional work lives.

We welcome School of Becoming to the ManageMagazine Co-Creative Partnership Group, as well as the ManageMagazine Community, and readership.

This co-creative partnership allows us to distribute high-quality knowledge in the areas of leadership, management, and self-development to a broad audience.

While we are thrilled to reach out to help and empower an even greater audience in the future, this is also an opportunity for our authors and speakers to get their ideas and advice out to people who can specifically benefit from their expertise in practice.

About School of Becoming

Ingo Rauth School of becoming
Founder of School of Becoming, Ingo Rauth

The School of Becoming started out as a fantastic initiative by founder Ingo Rauth Ph.D. with the mission of helping professionals Navigating in Uncertain Times during the corona crisis. Yet, it’s popularity has proven the idea to be sustainable during the crisis and beyond.

Ingo Rauth is currently based in Toronto and a professor of Design and Innovation Management at IE Business Schoool in Madrid.

Professional Development Community 

The School of Becoming offers professionals an inspiring, interactive, and community-focused online space that allows them to freely explore and express themselves and advance professionally and personally.

Free, interactive classes are taught by Professors, TED(x) speakers, and professionals. They offer thought-provoking perspectives and university-level learning opportunities that encourage exploration. Community meetings are curated by professional facilitators and encourage engagement, reflection, and self-expression.

This Strategic Co-Creative Partnership will Bring Video Articles to ManageMagazine Readers

In line with the previous fantastic video-work by Ingo Rauth’s School of Becoming and article publishing in ManageMagazine – we are now joining our areas of expertise to bring you educational video articles. I these video articles you get a multisensory learning experience through both text and video.

You can moreover pose questions in the comment section below the article and we will work hard making the most relevant expert answer your specific question.

We are excited about the prospect of building event closer relationships with you and other ManageMagazine readers through this Q&A section below video-articles.

If you have any suggestions for great speakers, who might like to participate in this new endeavor – please reach out to either Ingo Rauth at

[email protected]

or myself, Vibeke, at

[email protected]

Once again – welcome Ingo Rauth and School of Becoming to our ManageMagazine community.

We look forward to working with you and giving our viewers and readers actionable knowledge in new formats. Stay tuned for quality updates.


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