The Project Leadership Institute and ManageMagazine have Initiated a Co-Creative Partnership

We are delighted to announce our co-creative partnership with The Project Leadership Institute.

The Project Leadership Institute is a new institute with headquarters in the Netherlands. It is founded by project leadership experts Bart Hoitink, Susanne Madsen, and Jivan Schuurmans.

While The Project Leadership Institute is young, the three founders are a knowledgeable group with years of hands-on experience in theory and practice.

They find common grounds in the core belief that authentic leadership is one of the most important attributes for people who run projects.

Creating Positive Impact with The Project Leadership Institute

The Project Leadership Institute is dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for project leaders and their development. Throughout their modules and programmes, the focus is as much on heart and soul as on the logic mind.

They bring a huge toolbox loaded with learning methods, reflective exercises, NLP, peer learning, personality profiling, and experiential learning when they head out to improve the skills of project leaders.

One of the things we really like about how The Project Leadership Institute works is that the project leaders enrolled are not left alone. They are supported both throughout and after the training program by personal assignments, line management involvement, an online forum, and a buddy system.The Project Leadership Institute

We for one are excited about The Project Leadership Institute, their level of professionalism, and their working methods. In sum, we believe that the world needs confident leaders to build safe and inspiring working environments.

We are therefore thrilled to join forces and believe that partnerships are the way forward when it comes to making real-life positive changes that reach far and scratch beyond any surfaces.

Previous Collaboration with Co-Founder Susanne Madsen

ManageMagazine has had the joy of sharing the expertise of London-based co-founder, coach and project leadership expert Susanne Madsen on several prior occasions. You can find her articles published in ManageMagazine below.



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Our collaboration with Susanne Madsen is one we highly appreciate and we commend how she has shared her expertise with our readers.

It is, therefore, only natural to extend this collaboration to a co-creative partnership with The Project Leadership Institute.

The team and I would personally like to congratulate founders Bart Hoitink, Susanne Madsen and Jivan Schurrmans on The Project Leadership Institute.

We welcome you all aboard as co-creative partners. Moreover, we look forward to co-creating value with you to facilitate authentic leadership, healthy organizations and inspired happy employees.


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