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I highly recommend this book. It is insightful, it is fresh in its form of presentation  – points being presented as ancient wisdom, and – not the least – it made me laugh out loud.

I would like to direct a sincere ‘THANK YOU’ to Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris for this opportunity to share their valuable knowledge.

How to manage an organization

Here is a quick overview and description of Clean Business Cuisine:

OVERVIEW: How to manage organizations, motivate people and make a quick buck: the eternal Z/Yen questions. As with many ancient questions, the answers have been locked away in obscure Eastern texts that have only recently re-emerged. At last, these excerpts from The Z/Yen Papers, modernized and re-published as Clean Business Cuisine, reveal to our age the one true path(s) to enlightenment. Today, with the benefit of these teachings, businesses everywhere will thrive and the course of history will be irrevocably improved.

DESCRIPTION: Clean Business Cuisine: Now and Z/Yen is a novel modeled as a rediscovered ancient business text. It comprises a series of stories (or case studies) set around the workings of an ancient laundry and restaurant and its legendary proprietor, Chao Kli Ning. Each story is based on a simple duality, centralization versus decentralization, managing people or managing results, technology is wonderful or technology is useless. Clean Business Cuisine is firmly grounded in management theory and practice, served up in a wry, light-hearted manner for the general reader to enjoy.


Recommended by…well just about anyone who has read it

Clean Business Cuisine

  • The Sunday Times Book of the Week “highly entertaining . . . wonderfully daft . . . hilariously sophisticated stuff” – DJ Taylor, “Zen and the Ancient Art of Making Yen”
  • “a fascinating book with fascinating accolades” – Becky Anderson, CNN World Business This Morning (7 August 2000).
  • “a recipe for success” – Heather Scott, Sky News (1 September 2000).


  • “surprisingly funny considering it is written by a couple of accountants” – “Between the Covers”, Accountancy Age, page 36 (14 March 2002).
  • “entertaining and excellent spoof…worth buying as a present for a colleague or customer” Long Range Planning (2001)
  • “A fascinating book with fascinating accolades.” Becky Anderson, “World Business This Morning”, CNN (7 August 2000).
  • “entertaining and excellent spoof…worth buying as a present for a colleague or customer” – Graham Hutton, “Book Reviews”, Long Range Planning, Vol 34, Issue 2, pages 268-269 (April 2001).
  • “shows how business acumen can be successfully combined with humour, fun and a distinct lack of regard for convention . . . very sharp and even witty” – Ruth Sachs, “Kli Ning Up and Dum Ing Don”, Strategy, page 21 (September 2000).
  • “Cleverly constructed and amusingly related, this will appeal across the board.” – Ingrid Fisher, “Best of the Rest”, Venture, page 202 (September 2000).
  • “it’s a must for any management student . . . it really does make management studies fun while simultaneously covering all the main topics” – Lucy Cole, “Dealing with Dirty Laundry”, Kaleidoscope, page 26 (Autumn 2000).
  • “firmly grounded in management theory and practice . . . design is stunning” – James Bayliss, “Clean Business Cuisine: Now and Z/Yen”, Business World, page 18 (August 2000).
  • “Clean Business Cuisine is the 1066 and All That of management.” – Francis Beckett, “No More Chinese Laundry Blues”, Ambassador, page 32 (September 2000).
  • “very tongue in cheek and very funny but also strangely enlightening” – Alex Smith, “Clean Business Cuisine”, Business Age, page 126 (September 2000).
  • “light style and unforced humour” – David Shirreff, “Fishy path to enlightenment”, Euromoney, page 6 (August 2000).

You can read longer reviews of Clean Business Cuisine Amazon HERE


Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris are founders/directors of the risk/reward management firm Z/Yen and the modern scions of Chao Kli Ning’s dynasty. Before reaching total Z/Yen enlightenment, Michael and Ian’s monastic duties included service as management consultants and corporate strategists, advising businesses and organisations on the one true path(s), as well as writing and contribution to numerous business publications.

For more information about Michael Mainelli, Ian Harris and Z/Yen go to


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