The ManageMagazine team is thrilled to announce our new Co-Creative Partnership with the Awaken Business Summit, led by CEO Jane Graham.

I met Jane Graham in November this year, where a friend had invited me to join herself and Jane at a meeting with the words: “Vibeke, I think you need to meet this woman”.

The decision of going to Copenhagen to join this meeting was right. It was soon clear that Jane and I share the global vision of improving lives, workplaces, and businesses/organizations through empowering decision makers.

While the size of the Awaken Business Summit, the line-up of speakers and shiny photos of Sir Richard Branson and all are impressive – what I met behind the scenes, was a genuine and an authentic businesswoman. A woman who had taken the route from heartbroken over the loss of a close family member, through mindfulness and meditation to find her heart’s purpose of helping others through a summit.

As she once found herself to be guided at a similar business summit in the UK, her heart is now set on building her own summit – an awaken summit…the Awaken Business Summit.

Jane Graham The Awaken Business Summit
CEO, The Awaken Business Summit, Jane Graham

ManageMagazine is immensely proud to partner with Jane Graham and the Awaken Business Summit. Jane’s ambition is admirable and the professionalism of the Awaken Business Summit is praiseworthy.

Jane Graham says:

“I am so delighted to partner with ManageMagazine on so many levels. This way – together – and with so many ManageMagazine readers, we are able to give people this possibility of supercharging themselves, their teams, and their businesses. We all need inspiration and we all seek education, new strategies, and fresh energy”.

The Awaken Business Summit – March 20-21.

The Awaken Business Summit isn’t just another gathering of business people. It is a high-profile event and among the largest of its kind in Europe. The summit invites 2500 people to join a smashing two-day event in Copenhagen at the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center on March 20th-21st, 2019.

Sir Richard Branson – Entrepreneur, business magnate, and philanthropist

The line-up of speakers is surely impressive – featuring business magnate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson.

The follow up is among others the former Director of Market Development at Facebook Randi Zuckerberg (sister to Mark Zuckerberg), Baroness Mone of Mayfair – one of UK’s most sought-after business speakers, the explosive speaker about sales Jack Daly and many more.

“Our aim is to awaken people’s minds and hearts to find a breakthrough to brilliance. We believe the world can be made a better place by having people attending our empowering summits, and our workshops. Through our events –  and with ManageMagazine – it is possible to share empowering inspiration and true success stories of real global leaders”, says Jane Graham.

“We know of similar summits – held other places in the world, where companies have been seen to grow 100 percent in turnover, have opened new offices and the like – after attending these awakening summits”, Jane continues.

At ManageMagazine we welcome the Awakening Business Summit to the business scene in Denmark. We look forward to working together and to build a collaborative advantage for the benefit of business professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and all others interested in leadership, management, and self-improvement.

Get a Discount on Tickets for the Awaken Business Summit

We are excited to offer you tickets to the Awaken Business Summit at a reduced rate through your ManageMagazine Membership.

If you are not a member yet, you can join ManageMagazine and still save money on your ticket while simultaneously getting the benefits of supporting and joining ManageMagazine. I hope to see you in Copenhagen in March for an inspiring two-days event of empowering presentations.